"I have been a session drummer in Nashville for over 15 years and would like to express my feeling’s on Brian’s project. The information and musical transcripts are right on target with past and present country drumming. I view this book as a valuable asset for any musician wanting to better understand country music. It is with great pleasure that I endorse this project and commend Brian for a job well done!"
     — Jerry Kroon, Nashville Session Drummer
Includes sections on:
Country / Country Pop
Country Rock
Country Funk
Contemporary Two-Beat
Train Beat
Country Cajun
3/4 Waltz
Country Ballad
Country Rock Shuffle
Western Swing
12/8 Blues

Contemporary Country Styles provides a guideline of study for country drumming and bass playing, with an emphasis on groove, feel and textures. This is not just another exercise book, but rather a compilation of references needed to perform country music styles accurately. Each chapter contains a Note of History, Playing Suggestions for the Focus Groove and its Variations, a written chart from the performance CD offering a complete Form and Analysis, and a Discography.

CD samples can be heard by clicking on the MP3 links below.
1. Country-Pop
2. Country-Rock
3. Country-Funk
4. Contemporary - Two Beat
5. Medium Train Beat
6. Fast Train Beat
7. Country Shuffle
8. Country Rock Shuffle
9. Slow Shuffle
10. Western Swing
11. Country Cajun
12. Country Waltz

When musical textures are applied to a given pattern, an identity or feel is formed. By combining different types of colors and patterns, various feels are achieved. For example, a country two-beat drum pattern and a Cajun drum pattern are played basically the same without the bass guitar and other elements of the band. But when played with all the musical elements intact, the various colors and characteristics of that style of music become evident.

By experimenting with the sounds and textures of your instrument, you will gain the facility to compliment and react to the music around you. Spend each day listening to the countless number of inspirational players in every style of music, and allow yourself to be influenced.

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