"A few years ago, I was approached by Pro-Mark to come up with a new drumstick design. This forced me to think
about what I needed in a single drumstick... well, everything! I play so many different styles of music, and
up to then I used different sticks for different applications. The FunkBat allows me to play anything,
without changing sticks. I'm able to crank out a beefy, hard hitting rock tune, and then turn
right around and play a swing or finesse tune. There's no need for any other stick
in my stickbag. It's the only stick I use."

Check with your local drum store to order your FunkBat!

The FunkBat is a 2B width, 16½ inches in length, with a
lacquer finish. This unique wood-tip stick has a long taper in
the neck which allows for great ride cymbal definition and is
back weighted for added stick control and bounce. This stick
won't allow a thin ride cymbal to get too "washy." At the same
time, it sounds great on a hard hitting backbeat!

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